"A bird in the hand is a certainty...but a bird in the bush may sing." -- Bret Harte

“A bird in the hand is a certainty…but a bird in the bush may sing.” — Bret Harte

This mural was created by students from Miss Nicky’s preschool along with visitors to Youth in Arts YIA Gallery during the run of our August-September exhibit “Listen to What I Say”. Artists include Suzanne, Gigi, Hazel, Miyah, Masha, Evan, Brandon, Tristan, Chance, Ruby, Chloe, Cydney, Ava, Molly, Nicky, Kayla, Karina, Myiah, Catherine, Joey, Alexa, Brian, Brad, Delaney, Ryu, Lilyrose, Mariam, Sienna, Anna, Narissa, Addison, Matty, Paige, Siena, Jacob, Kavin, Rowan, Has, Fatema, Ian, Erick, Ami, Nivi, Anton, Hassen, Angela, Amiel, Katja, Kasen, Murivet, Lizzy, Mellen, Jenna, Hassan, Tony, Cythia and Eileen. Great job!

Photo by Ron Greene

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