What can I do—quick and easy—to link with and support Creative San Rafael?

1) Comment here on this site

2) Post a sign in your location. Email creativesanrafael@youthinarts.org and let us know if you can post a large sign (full project description) or a small sign (URL or hashtag only). We’ll deliver!

3) Link to our URL from your site, or like/share our Facebook page

4) Donate or encourage others to donate “A Dollar for the Arts.” If you want to collect donations in person, instead of promoting the online campaign, contact yia@youthinarts.org (Youth in Arts is the nonprofit currently acting as fiscal agent for the collaborative).

I would like to be more directly involved. What kind of projects can I take on?

This year (through June 2015), Creative San Rafael is beginning with “Creative Voices,” a collection of public art inspired by quotes from famous local artists to enhance the downtown area. We welcome your involvement!

1) Create/host a temporary or semi-permanent installation at your site or event with an opportunity for the public to respond to quotes by San Rafael artists. Choose artists/quotes that link to your work (i.e. film artists at a movie theater, quotes about food or fashion at a business of this type, etc.)

A bulletin board with “talk back” cards? A “mailbox” where people can drop thoughts and responses? Be creative…the goal is to gather feedback you will pass along to the artists creating the actual public art images inspired by the quotes.

Explore here to find quotes that fit your theme and use those in your installation…or if you discover a new quote, email creativesanrafael@youthinarts.org so we can add it to the collection. Don’t forget to ask for a “Creative Voices” sign to explain the project to your visitors!

Want to host an installation, but can’t think what that might look like? Talk to us…we might be able to bring something “mobile” to you!

2) Connect with one of our visual arts partners to create a work for the public art project! There are many ways this can happen. Youth in Arts and Fortnight will be creating portable murals with community artists, and perhaps your group can provide the artists and/or host an art-making event. Contact Youth in Arts or Fortnight directly. Or email creativesanrafael@youthinarts.org and we’ll put you in touch.

3) Help find sites that want/need public art. Take a poll among your visitors/constituents/customers (“Where would you like to see new art appear in our downtown area?”). Talk to your property owner connections: “If we could get one, would you like art up on that wall?” Or take a photo of a blank wall or “unartful” location and post to Instagram with the hashtag #creativesanrafael and a caption “Can’t we get something beautiful up here at such-and-such street?”

OK, but I have a different kind of idea—it’s definitely on the theme of “Creative San Rafael.”

Great! The vision is that this partnership will grow and grow, so that eventually we are undertaking all kinds of projects and activities under the Creative San Rafael banner. Our first priority is to do a great and coordinated job on the public art project, so that we can successfully support future work.

For now, we invite you to use our social media channels to let the community know about your plans, projects or ideas linked in any way to creativity in San Rafael. (Please just don’t label your work a “Creative San Rafael” project). But do let us (and everyone) know what you see, what you wish for, what you are doing!


CSR partners will be on this page more and more—and if you post something our audiences would like to see, we’ll share and repost!


See the latest posts here on this site. We have Instagram live now and Twitter coming soon…

Project partners active on these channels will also be looking to favorite & retweet #creativesanrafael posts that catch their eye…so use that hashtag!